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Having worked as fashion photographer for over a decade I have noticed first-hand that the age of models entering the industry keeps getting lower and lower. As a result I believe the average age of models appearing in fashion editorials, advertising campaigns and runway shows is also a lot younger than it was 10 or even 5 years ago. It is not unusual now for models as young as 15 and 16 to be put forward for a casting where the target audience for the resulting imagery is women in their 20s and 30s. I have even had a couple of 13 year olds and a 12 year old visit my studio recently on ‘go-sees’ (and I don’t have any children’s wear clients).

Fashion imagery itself is often highly provocative and sexually charged. Therefore it is standard practice for these high-school age girls to be transformed through the use of make-up, styling, photography and Photoshop so that they appear to be mature, sexually assertive women in the final images. I believe that the portrayal of very young models in this manner needs to be brought to people’s attention.

The aim of this particular series of images is simply to reveal the deception. By showing mock ‘school portraits’ of young models alongside highly stylized fashion images of the same subject I hope to better educate the viewer about this particular aspect of the fashion industry.

Photography: Aaron K
Styling: Rebecca Flavell
Make-up: Emma Peters
Hair: Shontal Healey & Matt Benns @ Stephen Marr
Models: Hannah @ 62, Emily @ Clyne, Victoria @ Clyne, Anastazia @ 62, Sakura @ 62, Anmari @ Red 11
Photography Assistant: Kirsty Norton
Styling Assistant: Elisha Stewart

  • Date: August 2011
  • Client: Self-Commissioned
  • Filed under: Conceptual, Editorial, Fashion